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    Featured Video. OSHA Inspections: Regional Emphasis Program on Ammonium Nitrate. This video provides an overview of the OSHA inspection process under the agency's Regional Emphasis Program for Fertilizer Grade Ammonium Nitrate and Agricultural Ammonia Facilities.

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    Farm Tractor Safety : More than Plows and PTOs / Seguridad en los tractores más que arados y toma de fuerza Fatality and Serious Injury Investigation Stories Firefighter & Emergency Medical Services Ergonomics Curriculum

  • 7 Safety Training Videos That Hurt to Watch -

    This cheesy animated training movie focuses on safety when driving equipment trucks and forklifts. Resorting to the old devil on one shoulder, angel on the other scenario, the video teaches drivers not to speed, to buckle up, and to be careful when transporting heavy equipment.

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    Keep your employees safe while they work with this Employee Safety Orientation Video. This training video covers all the basics of working safely and effectively to get your new workers off on the right foot. If your goal is to reduce injuries from the moment you do safety training then this video is a great tool for reducing employee injuries.

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    Free Safety Videos. Yes we used to be a store where we charged for safety videos for workplace OSHA training. Alas the good old days are gone. But we had all this great content and a great network of resources still available.

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    For over 25 years Safetycare has been helping organizations protect their most valuable asset; its people. Safetycare produces engaging workplace safety training video content that is used and viewed by organizations around the world.

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    52 training course videos with questions & 32 extra training videos Train and track your employees progress. Issue certificates for pass rate. With our new training system only train on the materials you want to train with, assign the materials you want to each specific department within your organization.

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    Welding Safety In this video course, employees will understand how personal protective equipment, such as respirators and hearing protection, can prevent injuries during welding operations.

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    Dec 11, 2009· Small taste of the most unusual workplace safety training video ever produced.. A Reaper's Guide to OHS. This 4 min safety scene can be shown as an icebreaker for any workplace safety training ...

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    Tripod Ladder Safety video (English/Spanish). Training from others . Ladder Types and Safety Training ( Look Up and Live -- Overhead Power Line Electrocution ( Working Safely Around Power Lines - Orchard Safety Video (

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    All of our training videos include a separate disc that contains the following additional resources: 1) A Leader's Guide that the instructor can use to help facilitate the training and provide additional verbal support to the video.

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    Online Safety Training Videos. Routine training for both new and tenured employees is an important component of building, maintaining and improving an employer's safety culture. Videos are a great resource for this type of training and can be effective in:

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    We offer workplace safety video training kits on many OSHA topics. Safety training kits are available in English or Spanish and all come with the following printable items: Program Outline (English & Spanish), Quiz (English & Spanish), Answer Key, Certificate, Training Log / Sign-in Form, Wallet Card / ID Card, List of Site Specific Information, PowerPoint™ Presentation (English & Spanish ...

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    A library of all our training videos in one handy location Safety inspections are all well and good… but it's the insights into the data that really saves lives. Start managing your teams and iAuditor data now in our browser-based cloud environment.

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    Free Safety Training Videos Here is a collection of safety videos that you can use for awareness training. We hope you find this useful. Please let us know if we can be of assistance. These videos are not owned or endorsed by Affordable Safety Training LLC. Use them at your discretion

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    Safetycare are global distributors of OHS and HSE workplace safety training DVDs and videos. We distribute for all American, Canadian, British, Spanish and Australian workplace regulations including OH&S WHS COSHH and OSHA codes promoting health and safety in the workplace.

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    Our online safety training videos are OSHA compliant and are designed with your employees' well being as the number one priority. We offer multiple systems to provide you the best training videos online, so you can access your safety training materials 24/7.

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    Workplace safety is everyone's responsibility, which is why many of our safety training courses include videos made specifically for managers, and others just for employees. This helps managers understand the legal standards they need to meet and protects employees from on-the-job risks.

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    This article contains a list of free safety videos available for download or viewing online. Most of the videos are produced by the government and can be downloaded in their entirety for free. ... The Big List of Free Safety Videos - Download or View Online. ... that is why, I need some safety ref videos to be used in training. Best Regards ...

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    At Safety Video Direct, you save on over 2400 safety training videos and regulatory compliance products. Using our safety videos is the easiest and least expensive way to effectively train employees on safety.

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    The following are free previews of the new employee Safety Orientation Training videos: Many standards promulgated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) explicitly require the employer to train employees in the safety and health aspects of their jobs.

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    ERI Safety Videos is a leading provider of videos for safety meetings and offers products across a variety of safety subjects and delivery mediums, including Online Training, DVDs, Digital Media and Custom Production.

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    The purpose of this Basic Hand and Power Tool Safety Video training program is to provide a overview of the common hand and power tools that are found in workplaces – and their proper use.

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    Consultant-Led Onsite Training provides your employees with direct interaction with a J. J. Keller Workplace Safety and OSHA Training Consultant who can address their questions and offer regulatory guidance as well as best practices.

  • Electrical Safety Video from DuPont – Humorous Safety Videos

    Use this free electrical safety video clip to help protect employees from electrical hazards. Preview other electrical safety training or humorous safety videos online at !

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    Online Safety Training Videos. Our online health & safety training videos are based on industry best practices and international standards established by OSHA, the EPA, and other leading safety …

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    Online workplace health and safety training DVDs and Videos delivered to Mobile devices right there on the factory floor or in the office. Safetyhub is our most versatile, cross-platform safety training course delivery allowing for full tracking of participant scores and progress.

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    Unfortunately, training classes and videos can also be extremely boring and dry when presented to employees. However, there is a growing number of videos circulating around the web that offer anything but a boring approach to safety.